Friday, August 8, 2008

Monk into Hall of Fame

This week saw two Redskins from our last Super Bowl teams inducted into the Hall of Fame. Both Darrell Green and Art Monk are known to be professing Christians and both expressed their Christian faith in their inductions. Monk’s in particular was a powerful expression of humility and faith in God. This is from the end of the speech:
So I am very grateful to receive this honor, and I can stand here before you and say, “Hey, look at me, look at what I did.” But if I’m going to boast, I’m going to boast today in the Lord, for it’s because of him that I’m here and I give him thanks and glory and honor for all that he has done for me.
You can read a transcript of the whole speech along with some thoughts from fellow Redskins fan C.J. Mahaney here:

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