Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Some things from around the web

Here is an interview with Professor John Frame from RTS Orlando on the Problem of Evil from the Between Two Worlds blog.

This site from John Dyer seeks to help recommend the best commentaries available on each book of the Bible. Looks pretty useful!

Here is a great quote from Herman Bavinck on the relationship between church and society. You can read more from Bavinck on this at the Feeding on Christ blog.
So that everything may revive and may become again what it ought to be and can be, the Gospel tests all things--all circumstances and relationships--against the will of God, just as in the days of Moses and the prophets, of Christ and the apostles. It considers everything from a moral point of view, from the angle in which all those circumstances and relationships are connected with moral principles that God has instituted for all of life. Precisely because the Gospel only opposes sin, it opposes it only and everywhere in the heart and in the head, in the eye and in the hand, in family and in society, in science and art, in government and subjects, in rich and poor, for all sin is unrighteousness, trespassing of God's law, and corruption of nature. But by liberating all social circumstances and relationships from sin, the Gospel tries to restore them all according to the will of God and make them fulfill their own nature.

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