Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day (not predestination this time)

I apologize that I wasn't able to get reading recommendations for Sunday School up yesterday. I'll work on posting that later today. But quickly this morning I wanted to highlight a post from Al Mohler encouraging Christians to pray about the results of today. I think that this post is quite good and Dr. Mohler asks us to pray for ten things today:
  1. That God will bless America with leaders better than it deserves.
  2. That God will protect America from idolatrous trust in political leaders.
  3. That Christians will vote according to conscience but not expecting laws to change people.
  4. That Americans will vote to protect the unborn who cannot protect themselves.
  5. That God will move the conscience of our nation to his law.
  6. That God will protect the candidates and their families.
  7. That the election will be conducted justly and without rancor.
  8. That Americans and particularly Christians will accept the results with respect and kindness.
  9. That this election will lead to greater opportunities to preach the gospel.
  10. That the church will be strengthened.

Read the whole thing.

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