Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bruce Waltke's Resignation from RTS

There has been a lot of stuff on the internet, and even in USA Today, about Bruce Waltke's recent resignation from Reformed Theological Seminary, where he taught the Winter and Spring semesters in Orlando.  There has been a lot of speculation that the Seminary forced Waltke to retire.  I thought it would be worthwhile to share links to a few accurate stories about what happened.  RTS is stating that this coverage from the Aquila Report is an accurate representation of what happened.  Justin Taylor also shares a letter that Dr. Waltke posted on Facebook and an announcement from RTS Chancellor Ric Cannada about the separation.  From the accounts of those personally familiar with the situation it sounds like this was a peaceful agreement and not the harsh exchange reported by Inside Higher Ed or USA Today.

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richard said...

This is all very sad. Yet another example of an elderly theologian taking a hard left turn late in life. Eerily reminiscent of John Stott's sudden support of annihilationism, also at an advanced age. None of this helps the cause at all; it only sows doubt. And that fact should point to the real author of all this trouble. See John 8:44-47.