Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Books for sale

We'll take a break today from our series on apologetics to highlight some book sales and giveaways. First, a few different sites are sponsoring some Bavinck giveaways. You can get the details from the folks over at Feeding on Christ.

Also, Christian Book Distributors are having a March sale. Here are a few items that I saw that might be worth looking at:
  • Spurgeon's Sermons, 5 Volumes for $39.99 - Note that many of these are available online.
  • Systematic Theology by Charles Hodge for $24.99 - This is available for free online over at www.lgmarshall.org but just in case you prefer to have bound copies.
  • The Creeds of Christendom by Philip Schaff, 3 Volumes for $19.99 - Fantastic work on the historic church creeds.
  • New Testament Commentary by William Hendrickson, 12 Volumes for $99.99 - For those of you who attend Shady Grove this is available in the church library to borrow.
  • The Complete Sermons of Martin Luther, 7 Volumes for $34.99
  • The Expositor's Bible Commentary Complete Set, 12 Volumes for $129.99 - This is really only on sale because the revised edition is almost complete but these older volumes are still a great resource to have in your library to go to quickly on most passages.
  • Calvin's Commentaries with Calvin's Institutes for $119.99 - Frequent readers should be well aware that I often recommend reading the Institutes. However to really understand Calvin you should realize that he intended that his Institutes and his Commentaries be read together. The Scripture references in the Institutes actually function like footnotes to tell the reader where to look in the Commentaries in order to explain why Calvin arrived at that interpretation. This set is helpful because it also comes with a copy of the Institutes. Many of you probably have the Battles/MacNeill translation and that is the best to read in English. The only problem is that they added additional references into it without notating which references were original and which were added. This makes it more difficult to easily move between the Institutes and the Commentaries.

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