Thursday, February 12, 2009

New website for RAP

Reformed Academic Press has a new website. Ligon Duncan, pastor of First Presbysterian Church in Jackson and adjunct professor of systematic theology at RTS Jackson, serves as the editorial director. RAP mainly publishes books written from a solidly Reformed perspective or republishes older Reformed works to make them available again to the church. Here are a couple of books from their catalogue that I recommend in particular.
  • An Introduction to Theological Studies by William Cunningham (a 19th century Scottish theologian)
  • The Federal Theology: It's Import and It's Regulative Influence by John Girardeau - This is an important book from Girardeau (an influential American Southern Presbyterian) introducing covenantal theology and examining its importance in the the Dutch, English, Scottish, and American Presbyterian traditions.
  • The Atonement by Hugh Martin - This is an examination of the doctrine of the atonement from the perspectives of the covenant and Christ's priesthood. This is a great book that also comes highly recommend by Sinclair Ferguson.

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