Thursday, October 2, 2008

Reformed Expository Commentaries

Normally I do not recommend whole commentary series anymore. There are so many different series (and single volumes) out there that its become more cost effective to just try to get the best commentaries for each book. I will make an exception here and put in a plug for the Reformed Expository Commentary series edited by Richard Philips and Philip Graham Ryken with Iain Duguid serving as Old Testament Editor and Daniel Doriani serving as the New Testament editor. All four men are pastors or former pastors who also have experience teaching at the seminary level. This gives the series a very helpful balance between practical application and scholarly treatment of the biblical material. Sinclair Ferguson says, "Here is exposition modeled by pastors with scholarly gifts and by scholars with pastors' hearts."

The series is still being published (I believe that the next release is a two volume work on Matthew's Gospel) so there are only a few volumes presently available. Currently available are Esther and Ruth (Duguid), Daniel (Duguid), Zechariah (Philips), The Incarnation in the Gospels (Doriani, Ryken, Philips), Galatians (Ryken), 1 Timothy (Ryken), Hebrews (Philips), and James (Doriani). Personally I have found Dr. Duguid's work on Daniel to be the best commentary out there on the book and Ryken's volume of 1 Timothy to be very valuable as well.

The reason that I bring this up now is because WTS Books has a special going on all eight volumes presently available. The list price for these books is $203.62. For now you can buy all eight for $112.16 (plus only $4 for shipping and handling). If you're looking for some accessible commentaries to use for either personal or family devotions then I highly recommend looking at these books.

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